CaFE is a process by which Catholics can explore their faith in a relaxed atmosphere leading to the development of small faith sharing groups within the Parish. The video modules are designed to be run by lay people under the authority and guidance of the Parish Priest. They will help Catholics become more enthusiastic about their faith, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, draw new life from the Sacraments and from Scripture and encourage them to share their faith with others. The groups will also build up the Parish community. The essence of CaFE groups is three fold: community, discipleship, and faith sharing. These three elements are interwoven, each supporting and encouraging the others. If one element is missing the groups become unbalanced.

  1. Without community the group members do not support each other in prayer and friendship.
  2. Without discipleship the group lacks the spiritual growth needed to continue.
  3. Without faith sharing the group becomes inward looking and stagnant.

The Benefits of CaFE:

  1. Parishioners get to know one another and they can support each other as they serve the Parish.
  2. Faith is deepened through exploring Scripture and the Teachings of the Church by sharing experiences of life and faith together.
  3. Participants are encouraged to respond to their deepening faith by prayer, social action, the witness of their everyday lives and faith sharing.
  4. Mass attendance and Eucharistic Adoration are encouraged.
  5. The Parish is better equipped to respond to the challenge of the Church’s call to evangelise.
  6. The Parish family is strengthened.

All are Welcome